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One chimp can eat 30 bananas a day, IF WE LET THEM

This was partly the response I got from the Fauna Foundation regarding my critiques of their chimp feeding practices on my blog: http://via811.blogspot.com/search/label/Chimp%20Sanctuary

I am preparing further write ups on the matter in the hope that I can steer the founders in the direction of 811rv for the chimps.

I plan on attacking the problem by expounding on "The Law of Similars" and explaining how even though humans are not chimps, our genetic and physiological similarities are so infinitely large and our differences so infinitely small that they are not in any way statistically significant. In other words, chimps and humans can survive on the same diet, but more importantly they can also thrive on the same diet.

Also, I will go into how "The Law of Similars" also applies to nutrition, for example how all nuts have a similar high fat nutritional make-up.

Finally, I plan on doing a comparative study of how the Fauna Foundation's chimp diet differs from a wild bonobo chimp diet and why these differences are important and not statistically insignificant. In other words, how one cup of cooked food a day and how the wrong ratios of carbohydrates, proteins and fats compounded by daily practice is very detrimental to the chimps health. A wild chimp's average, daily macro nutrient ratio is 88% carbohydrates, 7% protein and 5% fat.

How ironic that here I am a human, thriving like I have never thrived before in my life on what is basically a wild bonobo chimp diet, yet this same diet is considered not good enough for our chimp cousins in captivity!!!

I would greatly appreciate any input, arguments, research, criticism, etc you would like to contribute to this.

p.s. If you want to follow a discussion about this amongst other low fat raw vegans click on this linkhttp://arawconnection.ning.com/forum/topics/one-chimp-can-eat-30-bananas-a

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Via811 said...

This is a comment from a raw friend of mine: From Mario :-) to Via
Sent 1 day ago

Hey Via,

Interesting article you have there...

I know for a fact many chimp shelters are quiet naive and unfair in their treatment of the chimps in terms of diet. I have seen numerous videos where for instance a chimp is given lots of refined juices (the kind that come in those little juice box things for instance) or other forms of refined carbs with no worry.
My suspicion is that it is to save cash.
Chimps in the wild should ideally live much longer if taken to captivity given their diet remains the same, because the external predation and stress is minimized and that has profound life-extending effects having to do with hormonal regulation.

I would not be surprised if the chimps at this Fauna Foundation are being malnourished, as it costs so much more to feed them correctly. I have this problem myself. How is it that a ripe avocado can be sold at some stores for 4 dollars and then a couple pounds of diseased meat is a few bucks at the same time?

I think there are many possibilities here:
-Fauna Foundation is indeed feeding their chimps correctly and any premature deaths are due to injury sustained prior to bringing them in.
-Fauna Foundation is feeding them slightly sub optimally and they are getting a bit sicker from the diet, but at least they are sheltered from inhumane medical research and disease testing.
-The Foundation is cheating and feeding their chimps crap to save money, or because they think the chimps' "quality of life" is elevated.

If they really are cheating like that, I would be very angry. What do you think is the case? Is there any way to know the truth for sure?

Interesting article though.

Via: I personally think it is a question of being misguided-that is my hope anyway. So far, the evidence does not point to the contrary.