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Let's talk about sex baby...

A few years ago when the group "Salt'nPepper" came out with the song "Let's talk about sex baby. Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that can be." My hubby and I really thought it was cute and funny and now when that subject comes up, that song always comes to my head.

So what brought it up this time? There was a recent post on Dr. Graham's forum at www.vegsource.com about natural birth control. Someone was asking about it and I replied about my method, the rythme method. I think it's really important to talk about this because it is probably a quite neglected area of natural hygiene and healthy living. I truly believe that the pill is unhealthy, IUD's are probably a little better but not much, spermicides are nasty and vegan condoms are ok but it's not necessary to use them all the time if a woman is aware of her body and fertility.

What is the rythme method? Basically, you have to monitor your body's signals to know when you are ovulating and when it's a dangerous time to have unprotected sex. Mind you, my perspective is from a stable committed relationship-I wouldn't recommend unprotected sex in a different situation. Here’s my post from vegsource:

The safest, most natural way of birth control is the rythme method. I've been practicing it successfully now for 17 years and yes I did get pregnant once, but that was a very wanted pregnancy.

What the rythme method involves is getting to know your own body and more specifically your fertility. I can tell you the day, almost down to the minute that I ovulate because I have learned to be aware of the "symptoms" of fertility. Yes, the temperature method is a good start to reassure you that you're reading your body's signals correctly, but you need not do that for long. Take your temperature everyday(ie the highest morning temperature or spike of the month=ovulation) for a couple of months and take note of your body's condition previously and at the time of your ovulation. Monitor, specifically, your vaginal secretions-they are very liquid, egg white in consistency just up to and during ovulation. Also, your sexual receptivity will increase prior to and during ovulation-i.e. you're just plain hornier. Be wary of those urges and use your HEAD (pun intended-because there are many other sexual activities besides intercourse that you can partake of during the "dangerous" period). During your non-fertile stage, your partner will just have to work a little harder-ie more foreplay etc. to get you in the mood. Just like in anything, there are compromises to be made, but I like this method because it is healthy and it gives me control over my reproduction for the rest of my fertile life.

Also, to be more clear, the first two weeks of a woman's cycle, from the first day of her period to 3 days after ovulation is a dangerous time for unprotected sex because ovulation can occur at any time during this period. It is highly unlikely to ovulate twice in the same cycle however, so 3 days after ovulation until the menstrual period is a safe period. The way I look at it is that you have to be creative half the time, but you can let your hair down for the other half.

Here's some helpful sites: www.ovusoft.com and www.veganessentials.com
Hope this helps. Ciao :))

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