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The Best Soup Ever...

Ok, if you've been following my blog, after reading my title you can't help but be thinking now: "Don't tell me she made soup out of those beautiful chickens?"

No worries-I did not, nor will I ever eat a poor chicken again.

Nonetheless, I have to interrupt the fascinating saga of me and my chickens with an important commercial message (yes, I have watched too much tv over the years).

I made the most delicious soup recipe the other day and I must share it.

It's a little high in fat content-so please be sure to eat it as the last meal of your day as well as maintaining the rest of your fat content to acceptable levels.

Here's the recipe:

Cream of Celery Soup:

45 raw pistachios without added salt or other ingredients
1 Cup of warm water
5-6 stalks of juiced celery

Blend the pistachios and water until creamy.
Add the juice of the celery plus some of the pulp if you want a thicker consistency.

Pour the soup in the dug out and eaten half of a cantaloup skin.

Eat the soup using celery stalks as spoons!

SOOO Yummy-take my dog and I's word for it!


Sarah said...

It sounds yummy. I don't usually eat overt fats (slows me down), but I might have to give this a try one day. Thanks for sharing :)


P.S. I'm glad it wasn't made with chicken ;)

Green said...

Sounds amazing. Probably good to eat after being overt free for a week or two (not my case today). I ate 3 salads covered in avos on the weekend :(

Sarah said...

Oh my!!!! Now that is something I could really get into. You're a temptress. :D It looks and sounds amazing! I wonder if it would be really different if I just blended the celery? I don't have a juicer...