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Simplicity at meal-time, variety throughout the year

This was recently posted on vegsource by a friend of mine that I introduced 811rv to.

"MC from Costa Rica (
Subject: Find fruits in Costa Rica?
Date: January 29, 2009 at 9:34 pm PST


I live in Monteverde, Costa Rica, and I don't find it so easy to get nice, ripe and various fruits.

In the last nine months I have seen: banana, papaya, mango, guanabana (rarely), pineapple (acid), passion fruit, rambutans, watermelon, melon (not sweet), coconuts but I don't eat them, avocados... But never more than four or five types of fruit, I mean they are not all available at the same time. For example there was the time of guanabana, then rambutan, then passion fruit, etc. Only the banana and the papaya are available all year long.

There are strawberries but so disappointing, and the few imported fruits (grapes, apples, cherries etc) are unaffordable. Besides none of the fruits are organic, at best they are "natural".

We have a "feria del agricultor" once a week, and three supermarkets. There is no market.

I looked for fruits in other places, only in Orotina I found different fruit like sapote and "nispero", I felt in paradise there and didn't want to go back home. I also went to Liberia, Santa Cruz, Nicoya, La Cruz, San Ramon, Atenas, Dominical, Golfito, Upala, various beaches, I travel a lot, and don't see anything but bananas, papayas, mangos and watermelon.

And I can't grow fruits, the climate is too cold where I live.

I am bored of bananas! Help!!! lol

I really love the 811rv diet, I have the book, I lost weight, I am in my best shape ever, it's like a miracle. But how could I do to find a larger variety of fruits, and organic ones?

Thank you if you have ideas.

This was my reply:

Marisa (
Subject: Re: Find fruits in Costa Rica?
Date: January 30, 2009 at 2:07 am PST

In Reply to: Find fruits in Costa Rica? posted by MC from Costa Rica on January 29, 2009 at 9:34 pm:

Why not use the foods you do find as staples and at least once a week, make a trip to find some more exotic things-like in Orotina? This is my strategy. 811 is really best if you take advantage of seasonal variety-simplicity at meal time-but variety throughout the year-with every season bringing new joys to savor. For instance, right now manzanas de agua (Malay Apples) are in season in my area, as are sapotes and guanabana, rolineas and anonas. Plus, the seasonal fruits are even better than organic because they grow on more or less wild trees that have deep tap roots for absorbing nutrients.

I go to a special market once a week (usually with a carpool buddy) to pick up the seasonal goodies. However, since they don't last long in my fruit safe I still rely on bananas, papayas, watermelon, coconut water and pineapples (I too love the criolla type). I also use tamarindo, dates, raw sugar cane and raisins to add to my salads.

Plus, an excellent source of free food is Tico neighbors-who are very generous and knowledgeable about local fruits. Mine, for example, bring me manzanas de agua, sugar cane, rolineas etc because they know I love them and they love teaching me about new ones. Ask around and tell people your interest in special tropical fruits and pretty soon they'll be knocking on your door to offer some.

Finally, most of my produce comes from the fruit trucks that drive around the neighbourhood to sell their produce-since I don't have a car this is just perfect for me. I've gotten to know mine very well and of course they love me because I'm a good customer. They are an excellent source-all you have to do is mention your interest and they'll be happy to supply you.

For me, I buy so much food and for so much cheaper (for example yesterday, I bought 6 pineapples, one watermelon, 2 papayas 40 bananas, 4 lettuce heads and 1 kilo of tomatoes for 10,000 colones-that's not even $20-imagine!), than back in Canada that much of it goes to feed the local wildlife!"

As strange as it might seem, Costa Rica does not have as much variety in the stores as in Canada for example. This is because Costa Rica does not import much produce. Costa Rica, however, is ideal for 811rv when you respect its true nature of simplicity at mealtime and variety throughout the year. In nature, this is how we would eat. When a mango tree, for instance, would come in season we would hang around that tree and eat until there were no more fruit before heading off to find another food source. Right now there are at least 4 different fruits in season here: sapote, rollineas, star apples, maranon and mangos. Except for the maranon that I have yet to fully appreciate, I'm thoroughly enjoying every one as well as other more common stuff like watermelon, bananas, pineapples and papayas.

Simplicity at meal-time, variety throughout the year. It's worth repeating.

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Ecodea said...

Great response! :) Also, despite the "lack of variety" the person mentions, it is good to know that the fruit didn't have to travel long distances and contribute to CO2 emissions...