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Pomegranates have long been one of my favourite foods, but making a meal of them can be quite challenging because they take so long to peel and eat the individual seeds.

They are in season now and very good deals can be had on them in the grocery stores. The most efficient use for them I've found is to juice them with an orange juicer. The left over fruits and pips that don't get juiced can be blended into very tasty smoothies.

Here are a few of my favourite pomegranate smoothie recipes:

1) Pomegranates, grapes and lettuce
2) Pomegranates, oranges and lettuce
3) Pomegranates, oranges and celery
4) Pomegranates, oranges and fennel
5) Pomegranates, kiwis and lettuce
6) Pomegranates, kiwis and celery
7) Pomegranates, kiwis and fennel

Another great use I've found for pomegranates is a substitute for the popcorn I used to eat when watching a movie. I usually wear old clothes that I'm not afraid of staining when doing this because eating pomegranates while distracted by a movie always ends up making permanent stains in any material they come across.

Finally, pomegranate seeds add lovely texture and colour to any acidic or semi-acidic salad dressings as well as to other types of smoothies when they are added at the end.

Warning: pomegranates are quite astringent and can be very constipating. I usually need to eat them with lots of other good soluble fiber foods like tender greens in order to keep things moving smoothly.

Here is a link to some lovely images of pomegranates : Picture

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