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Major Fruit Hunt!

Ok, rumour has it that some farms on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica have DURIAN in season right NOW, mid February 2012!!! This seems unbelievable to me. Every place I know of here in Costa Rica that has durian trees produces them only around June/July time. Sadly, I'm never in Costa Rica during that time since I go back to Canada to work at my seasonal job. Finding them here now before I leave would be a dream come true because they cost a fortune back in Canada, in the Asian markets@$50 a fresh fruit. Not to mention that I ADORE them.

So...the hunt is on.

The first evidence of this elusive fruit comes from another 30bad member who dares post pictures of himself gorging on these delicacies now in February-in Costa Rica!!! Not Borneo, not Thailand, not the Phillippines, not Hawaii or any other fabulous location, but right here in the country I'm in. He even dares to say he's eaten so many that he's sick of them-the nerve! Ok, so I send him a message pleading for some help. He probably doesn't access his e-mail very often because it took a few days to answer back. Doesn't he know how much I want durian??? I do some net surfing and find farms that advertise having durian. I call them. None of them have any right now... The 30bader writes back to me finally. He suggests the best thing for me to do would be to travel to the Caribbean side, but doesn't he know how far that is for me? Doesn't he know how I hate leaving my little piece of paradise, even if it's for another little piece of paradise? He gave me some hope, but it still seems highly unlikely that I'll get durian before I leave Costa Rica :(((

I'll keep you posted. Wish me durian, please.

Update: The 30bad member told me he wouldn't give me the name of the farm that has the durians because he doesn't want people to make a run on his cheap source if he makes it public!!! I can sort of sympathize with him because Costa Rica doesn't have the privilege of being able to import much food, especially the exotic, expensive kind from the far east like North American or European countries can. BUT, the more the word gets out, the more will be planted and sold and the cheaper they'll become for everyone.

I still have a little hope that I can get some shipped to me before I leave CR-argh.

Keep sending those durian wishes in my direction, please.

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