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My life's purpose is best described by: Be the change you want to see in the world: Gandhi. Smiling is my "botox"-FORGET THE DRUGS AND SURGERY. I spice up my life, not my diet, which is SIMPLY DELICIOUS on its own. KISS: I Keep it simple sugars-from whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic fruits (veggies,some nuts/seeds too). The 811rv motto is: simplicity at mealtime, variety throughout the year. My motto is: I live in my own little world, but it's ok they all know me there. At some point, you have to realize that some people can stay in your heart, but not in your life.


Corruption, Fraud and Greed in Science?!!!

"The China Study" by Dr. Campbell is one of my favorite books. It was such an eye-opener for me. It was a catalyst for the dietary and lifestyle changes I have made since reading it.

In the last chapters of the book, Dr. Campbell expounds especially about one of the worst aspects of science which is what he calls "reductionist" science. This is what commonly happens when scientists isolate a nutrient or ingredient from its original "whole food" source in a pill or supplement form in an attempt to achieve the same effects as the natural source. This is like trying to use a piece of Humpty Dumpty after he'd fallen off the wall as if he was still whole!!! This usually backfires and causes more harm to people, for which the beta-carotene supplement fiasco is a prime example.

It is common knowledge that corporate greed has often misrepresented scientific studies and results in their advertising campaigns promoting their products. However, the corruption, fraud and greed goes much further than that. Some scientists are now fraudulently fabricating results in the hope of "getting in on the action" of the pill industry, to strike it rich. Here is one of the latest headlines that left me shaking my head:

The chief "resveratrol" scientist is being cited for fraud and fabrication of evidence. To make a long story short, "resveratrol" is an artificially produced replica of an ingredient originally found in grapes that is supposed to improve cardio-vascular health and longevity. Remember all the headlines about a glass of red wine a day supposedly being good for your heart? Or even better, the magical "resveratrol" pill that will cost you a fortune, but will supposedly give you a long and healthy life? Wrong.

Folks, what's good for you is not red wine and even less so "resveratrol". Grapes are what's good for you.

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